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Energy One
E1 holding provides turn key solutions for its clients
What We Offer

As developers, we are interested in ownership of cash producing properties. 

We are associated with engineering companies and financial institutions and, on case by case basis, may enter into financing arrangements or partnerships for the development of our markets.

In simpler terms, we do the following:

1- Power Generation: invest, build, own, operate and maintain power plants on EPC or IPP contract basis. In the case of PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) we will require a preliminary feasibility study from the client, identifying his needs and requirements, and arranging for the necessary guarantees in the form of Sovereign Document and Roll over Letters of Credit. The client or country in question must also provide assurances that fuel supply will not be interrupted, and that the necessary security and safety measures are met.
2- Oil & Gas Downstream refining and E + P: develop downstream facilities, and invest and develop Oil & Gas wells with proven reserves (Seismic studies etc. are pre-requisites).  A PSA (Profit Sharing Agreement) will be developed, and similar guarantees as above are also needed.
3- Renewable – Wind energy: Conditions similar to the above.  A preliminary feasibility study and wind profile data are needed to initiate an interest and develop a working program.