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Energy One
E1 holding provides turn key solutions for its clients

energy one is an Energy & Infrastructure Development Company, with main activities in:

  1. Power Generation
    1. Conventional & Renewable - Fossil Fuel, Hydroelectric and Wind
    2. On EPC, IPP or BOT / BOOT basis, including Operation & Maintenance
  2. LNG import and FSRU’s, to insure uninterrupted supply of feedstock to the power plants we own and / or operate
  3. Oil & GAS
    1. Downstream Refining, Petrochemicals, and Storage
    2. Exploration & Production of wells with proven reserves
  4. Water & Waste Water – Networks, Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants
  5. Solid Waste Management
  6. Energy Support Services – to the O&G and Power generation sector

Power Generation

energy one can arrange the engineering and funding necessary for the implementation of Power Plants through EPC, PPP or BOT programs.

LNG Supply & FSRU

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the cleanest most efficient feedstock used in power plants.

A Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) is the vital component required while transiting and transferring LNG through the oceanic channels, in cases where supply of Natural Gas via pipelines is not feasible.

energy one is associated with international LNG and FSRU manufacturers / suppliers, and is able to provide both to energy producers. We play the role of contractors as well as operators of the FSRU and onshore regasification plants.

Oil & Gas

energy one is interested in partnerships in the E&P sector, and provides engineering and funding necessary for the implementation of Tank Farms, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants through sophisticated financial engineering.

Water & Waste Water

energy one has amassed extensive experience that extends beyond 30 years in the Middle East region, in water and waste water engineering and implementation of pumping stations and treatment plants.

energy one maintains high interest in the funding, engineering and construction of similar projects.

Solid Waste Management

energy one, along with its technical partners, offer design, construction, management and funding services for sustainable waste management plants – using the latest most sophisticated technologies for the lowest environmental impact, highest recycling and RDF / Biomass production, and viable returns on investment.

Tank Farms, Refining & Petrochemical

energy one provides the engineering and funding necessary for the implementation of Tank Farms, Refineries and Petrochemical Plants through sophisticated financial engineering.

Energy Support Services

wildcatWildcat Energy Services, a division of energy one, was set up in 2014 in Qatar to cater to the Qatari market, in terms of supply and service to the oil and gas industry in the country.

energy one has now expanded the product range to serve the energy market at large -  oil & gas, petrochemical facilities, tank farms and storage installations, power plants etc. – as well as new markets in Lebanon and Iraq

The products range include:

- General Marine services
- Vessels, Tug & Crew Boats
- Platform Supply Vessels
- Environmental & Social Studies
- Transformers, Power Generators, Diesel Engines, Motors, Compressors, Turbines, Pumps, Valves, Measuring Instruments, Tools, Instrumentation
- Lifting Equipment, Cranes, Heat Exchangers
- Welding and Cutting Equipment
- Spare parts
- Lubricants & Other Chemicals for Oil Drilling
- Automated drilling machines
- Hole straighteners
- Drilling fluids
- Eco-friendly Lubricants
- Solar chemical dispensing machines
- Condition monitoring systems
- Vibration and temperature wireless transmitters
- Corrosion inhibitors
- Mud additives
- Biocides / Scavengers
- Emulsifiers & demulsifiers
- Dispersants & defloculants