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Energy One
E1 holding provides turn key solutions for its clients

Project Management

Today’s increasingly complex projects demand efficient planning, management of multiple resources, time control and reporting discipline in addition to superior technical know-how.

energy one combines superior international project management practices with local partnerships to create the best execution team for our projects.

Through our rigorous tender process we ensure the best possible consortiums which we manage with our internationally recognized project managers. Our Executive Committee is formed to oversee the projects, and ensure on time on budget delivery in line with international best practices.

Financial Services

energy one Financial Services was founded with the sole purpose to provide the necessary funding for our customers. Our group is specialized in developing financial feasibilities, business plans and funding documents to assist with the execution of energy projects.

We have framework agreements with some of the world’s largest Financial Institutions to support our clients with the needed financial structures.

Advisory Services

energy one is able to provide additional services such as:

- Active participation in the portfolio companies as an in-house administrator and advisor for growth.
- Advise in the efficient management, operation and execution of the assets, for a profitable and well-managed enterprise.
- Assist in the monitoring of the individual efficiency of each asset within the Group, and subsequently of the operational performance of the Group as a whole, from AS IS to closing and growth, all throughout the pre and post implementation and expansions.
- Assist the Group in staying the course: Growth and expansion driven.
- Assist the Group in harvesting the value of the assets and investments through an exit sale in an x number of years, through an IPO or easy Trade Sale (depending on the Group’s vision).
- Assist in the development of the Group’s Due Diligence, both technical and financial, towards a credible valuation of all existing and potential assets.
- Monitor the Production and Financial Performance of the assets.